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Subhadip Mazumdar

Subhadip Mazumdar is a Multi-award-winning Sales Professional. He has over twenty-one years of global experience in ICT Industry in various senior management roles, including sales, pre-sales, delivery and operations. He has extensive experience working in the senior sales roles in USA, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and South Africa. Starting Up is Subhadip’s third book, which he has co-authored with Arun Menon.

Best Selling Author
Subhadip Mazumdar is a Best Selling Author of the Book – Orange Sky and Blue Sun. He won the Best Debut Author Award at Gurgaon Literature Festival 2019 for Orange Sky and Blue Sun. The book is a Collection of Short Stories which Subhadip refers to as a Collection of Emotions.

One of the Short Stories in the book, named, Shombhu Salesman is being made into a short film. The short film is expected to be released by October 2020.

Saleswalah is Subhadip’s second book, which is a book on Story of Sales. The book speaks about innovative approaches that sales people around the world can learn and adopt from street vendors. The book is being published by Invincible Publishers.

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