Materialism and spirituality are comparable to two sides of a coin. Spiritual values permeate us with knowledge, which assists us in our daily lives. Materialism effectively balances our spiritual aspirations. Spirituality offers a vast abyss of knowledge that has been efficaciously grasped by saints and mystics. Metaphors of spirituality depict our primordial culture through art, dance, song, and written words. Spirituality infuses meaning in our prayers and meditations.

‘The Oceanic Geeta’ is exclusively inspired by the ebb and flow of the waves of the ocean. The storyline depicts the author’s unexpected perceptions of the waves of the ocean through which she imbibed the esoteric knowledge of the Bhagavad Geeta. She intuited a startling comparison and began associating facets of the ocean’s waves with relevant slokas from the Bhagavad Geeta. It is perhaps the only book in the world that is completely based on the ocean’s revelations and articulately narrated in this comparative style. The author, Hemma Myer S, uses her heightened perception to transcribe nuances of the ocean into deep spiritual insights as well as relatable guidance for everyday life. These comparative narratives form the hallmark of her eloquent writing.

The Oceanic Geeta is available on Amazon and Flipkart. It has been published by Invincible Publishers. This book offers insights, which can enlighten the discerning readers about how the magnificent ocean has continually revealed mystical knowledge through its incessant waves, over millenniums.