An IT engineer, research specialist and education enthusiast, Prosenjit Nath, is coming forth with his contemplative work, Reorient the Mind, that aims to inspire the readers to look within in order to come at a better understanding of their mind, identity and purpose in life. It offers the guidance and impetus to incorporate changes conducive to reorientation of mind to overcome fear and to develop a positive outlook towards people, events and life.

The author is a distinguished scholar who has published several valuable journal papers and aspires to influence the world around him, thereby choosing ‘writing’ for the achievement of the aforesaid purpose. He emphasizes hard work, discipline and mind engineering with the intention to help assist readers bring themselves to a correct state of mind that is a prerequisite for attaining success and contentment in every sphere of life. ‘Reorient the Mind’ attempts to urge the reader to develop a renewed positive outlook that could prove to be momentous and even life-changing.