It’s true that most of the love stories in literature have been tagged as doomed, especially when taking Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet as an exemplary gem into sight. Though often doomed, love stories still tug at readers’ hearts since this is one of the genres which portray an eternal essence in its hindsight. Similar is the book, “Yesterday 9” published by Invincible Publishers, which narrates a one-sided love story, followed by separation and re-alignment. Not just another love story, it reflects a sheer revelation of the difference between true love and non-introspecting baseless love.

The book has turbulent twists and turns which makes one in awe of how a sprout of love can take the form of different precipitations, leading the lovers into an unruly array of emotions, unbound. Aakash V Shivach is an Indian novelist belonging to Delhi. With two novels already in his bucket, this is his third book. While his previous novel, “Miracle an Exotic Wonder” is sci-fi, drenched in the flavor of love, “Steps taking Backwards” is a romantic novel that tells us how to retain love after repeated failures over a period of time. His book, “Yesterday 9” is a story of disruption of love between a couple and the ghostly way it comes back as an empowered black spirit.

As love time-travels to attain back what is lost, the black spirit’s horrifying effect slows down every action taken in the past to secure the future. With mighty twists and turns, the book is packed with various emotions to set the stage for adventure. Its reader faces a pending question, ‘Will the couple reunite in love, or will time-traveling tear them apart?’ It has been published in eBook and paperback formats by a leading publishing firm, Invincible Publishers.