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Invincible Publishers is one of
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Invincible has best fleet of Authors
Full-time Writers, Motivational Speakers, Celebs, Politicians, Youtubers
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Company Overview

Invincible Publishers

Invincible Publishers is a remarkable presence in the Indian publishing landscape, consistently making waves and contributing significantly to the nation’s literary culture. Among the thousands of publishers operating in India, Invincible Publishers has solidified its position as one of the top five, underscoring the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality books that resonate with a diverse readership.

One of the hallmarks of Invincible Publishers is its strategic collaboration with over 250 influencers and celebrities. By partnering with these influential figures, the company broadens its reach and ensures that its books receive widespread attention and recognition. This innovative approach demonstrates the publisher’s ability to connect literature with the broader popular culture.


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Invincible Publishers is one of the largest and most experienced publishing platform in India.

We seek to associate with well-positioned companies to create value by driving book sales and branding.

Invincible Authors

Invincible has the best fleet of Authors with 500+ first time Authors, 80+ Influencers, 20+ Celebrity Authors and 100+ Top Educationalists.

Make A Difference With Expert Team

In News

Invincible is directly empanelled with TOI, NBT, HT, Policytimes and other Media Agencies. Invincible understands how to penetrate the market with Advertorials and Editorials.

SAGAR SETIA is a dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for fostering innovation and creativity. As the founder of Invincible Publishers, India’s leading publishing platform, Sagar has established a space where emerging talents can thrive and find their voices. His commitment to nurturing fresh talent has provided numerous aspiring writers with opportunities for growth and recognition.

Sagar’s influence extends beyond the realm of publishing. He is the driving force behind the Invincible Festival, an annual educational event that has transformed the way education is approached in India. This platform brings together educators, students, and innovators, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Sagar Setia has a deep appreciation for music, which serves as a source of inspiration and relaxation in his life. His diverse interests and commitment to positive change make him a dynamic figure in the entrepreneurial and cultural landscape of India.


If your dream is to join the Invincible Verified list of our Renowned Authors. We would love to peruse your script and read your proposal.

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