Gautam and Ayush, engineer and lawyer respectively, have penned a collection of poems, Rhyme Ae Zindagi born out of their mutual passion for and belief in poetry to be an immaculate means of expression. It is a book not bound by a fixed genre but is rather a blend of thoughts, experiences, emotions and the omnipresent romance with life. It includes a collection of poems in both Hindi and English thereby providing something for lovers of poetry in both languages.

Gautam Gupta is an Engineer born and brought up in Delhi, with a Master’s degree in Renewable energy and currently works in Pune at a social impact enterprise for waste management through ‘Vaayu’. For him, poetry is an expression of his life experiences and he has turned writing poems into his part time profession. The writer is of the belief that poetry has a therapeutic effect and every individual should invest some time in improving their expression.

Ayush, a lawyer and environment enthusiast, is making his first attempt in Rhyme ae Zindagi to communicate with the world as a poet. The writer hails from Madhya Pradesh and holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Laws. After having switched jobs, Ayush finally found poetry to be his true calling and one day dreams of becoming a full-time writer and poet.

Rhyme ae Zindagi provides food for thought to the readers. In addition, it promises to take them on a roller coaster of emotions and leave them with a sense of joy prevalent in human existence. The poems in the collection are a take on life with the myriad of emotions and moods contained in it and are born out of experience of the writers and their zest for life. It is a treat not only for the ones who have experienced life in its many colours but also for those who wish have a taste of it!