Silvy, a homemaker and mother of two from Indore, is making a foray in the world of books with her maiden work of fiction The Floating Wish. The author is an avid reader and holds a penchant for writing too. In The Floating Wish, Silvy has weaved the journey of the protagonist, Anaya who goes on to find her true calling and love.

Anaya, a girl who’s already engaged begins to be troubled by a dream that reminds her of her love from years gone by. Despite being bound in a relationship she can’t shake of the feeling of restlessness brought on by the unsettling dream. The dream provides her with the impetus to change her circumstances, follow her heart and find her true calling.

The author is immensely passionate about brewing and baking and can be found engaged in the same quite enthusiastically. In addition, she is a nature lover who delights in drawing inspiration from it. Silvy aspires to be better than yesterday and hopes to inspire people to find their ‘inner strength’. 

The Floating Wish is a delightful novel that takes the readers on a journey encompassing passion, purpose, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The book sends out the message that one ought to create their own destiny and not simply give in to the intricacies of fate!

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